Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the act of bringing together all the core components of your business into one organized chain helping you balance out all chinks for an optimum organization.


Enterprise - Resource - Planning

Leading Open Source ERP Solutions Provider in India

DigiWinx is one of the leading service providers of best-in-class open source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which serves monetary value to your business.Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can be defined as the real time management and integration of business management applications used to collect,manage,organize and interpret data. These typically consist of modern business softwares which are powerful enough to manage data in real time,yet based on open source. Along with the ERP, we provide solutions as CRM & HRM as well.

Be it manufacturing, distribution, trading, banking/finance, hospitality, media or real estate sphere, designs from DigiWinx ERP serve as the best answer meticulously designed to suit the diverse needs and preferences of businesses operating in diverse manufacture upright across South East Asia.

We offer customized ERP and CRM resolution for retail, manufacturing, healthcare and banking sectors as well. And our ERP solutions in Mumbai, India is being used by several clients and industries globally.

Opensource erp software solutions provider in India
We provide open source ERP solutions for all your business needs.

ERP Benefits

Bring together all core components of your business with the following benefits.
  • Simple & Interactive
  • Powerful & Comprehensive
  • Inter-Department Connectivity
  • Quality Results with Best Cost
  • Award-Winning Support by DigiWinx
ERP solutions provider

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