Databases allow management of large volumes of data.


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Scaling Database to suit growing businesses.

Digiwinx is a leader in providing scalable database solutions for website and mobile applications. We specialise in creating databases capable of handling multiple user/system requests in millions on the click of a button.

Database plays an important role in creating Smart Websites and Applications used on iOS / Android / Web devices. Every application has some kind of dynamic content fetched from the database, so choosing the correct database technology is very important. Hence we give you a wide variety of options of database where we prefer My SQL or MongoDB database for faster response to your applications.

At DigiWinx, our database management solutions facilitates you get the most effective choices for aggregation, accessing, managing, analyzing, processing and disbursing information - making certain high security, convenience and performance of your database environment.

MySQL/MongoDB Database Design Solutions
By collecting up to date and exhaustive data, companies are using the said information to achieve their goals in a systematic way on one hand and empower their business in a strategic manner on the other hand.

Database Features

Insights are made available to the management and employees of the organisation through computerized database.
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Complex Database Design & Management Solutions

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